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Where is Roatan?

Roatan is located about 35 miles due North of Honduras in Central America, and is part of the Bay Islands. The easiest way to find us is going to Google Maps or Google Earth, type Roatan and hit search.

How do we get to Roatan?

The island has amazing non-stop connectivity from Miami and Dallas via American Airlines; Atlanta via Delta; and Houston via United Airlines year round. There are also seasonal flights and charters from Newark, Toronto and Milan. Most of these airlines and Avianca also offer flights from several gateways in North and South America to Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, Honduras’ main cities, or via San Salvador; all just a hop away from the island via several smaller local airlines such as CM Airlines (www.cmairlines.com). There is also the large and comfortable passenger ferry by Safeway Maritime that operates daily from La Ceiba (www.roatanferry.com).

What makes Roatan special?

Diving in Roatan is truly a world-class experience. Since the 1960s the island’s barrier reef, part of the Mesoamerican Reef System (second largest in the world), has been a famous dive destination. Today the island continues to be a divers’ paradise, but also offers activities for those who prefer to stay dry. There are zip lines, hanging bridges, scooter rentals, dune buggy tours, dolphin swims, snorkels and dives, shopping at the two cruise terminals, and more. The cultural aspect of Roatan is also important with the Payas, Garifuna and Mestizo cultures living side to side and still conserving many century-old traditions. We not only take care of your diving, but can book plenty other activities for you during your visit.

Where are you located?

We are located inside the Pristine Bay Resort (www.pristinebayresort.com). The entrance is on the island’s main road, 150 yards East of the French Harbour intersection (where the Sun gas station and Pizza Inn / Bojangles are located).

Do you only do diving and snorkeling?

No. We specialize in activities in Roatan, both under, on and out of the water. Please visit our Fishing and Tours sections for more information.

Can you help with our hotel bookings?

Certainly. Think of us as a dive shop with a concierge service, or a vacation planner with a dive shop! In our Stay section you will find information on the fine hotels we work with and recommend. You can book with us and let us take care of all the details internally, or you can contact the hotels directly and book with them. We get a commission from the hotels, which allow us to pay for our reservations staff, so you pay the same with us as with the hotels.

Can you pick us up from the airport?

Any of the hotels that we work with have complimentary airport transfers so you will be taken care of from landing to take-off.

Do we need to be PADI certified to dive with you?

No. You definitely need to be certified as an open water diver for us to take you diving, but you can be certified with PADI, NAUI or SSI. However, if you are NAUI or SSI you will need to bring your physical card with you. For PADI we can search for you on the online database if you don’t have it or forgot it. If this is the case let us know in advance to find you before you arrive, the system requires your first, middle and last names and date of birth exactly as it was put in when registered.

If we are not certified what options do we have?

We can get you certified or you can do a Discover Scuba, which is a one-day course to try it out. If you like it and decide to continue with the full course it counts towards it. The best option to get certified is doing the boring theory part via the PADI e-learning program so when you arrive you don’t waste precious vacation days studying and go straight to learning your water skills. Check out our PADI courses section.

Do we need to bring our own dive and snorkel gear?

Only if you choose to. We have plenty of rental dive and snorkel gear and we are very proud of how well we take care of it. Should you choose to bring your own gear, our complimentary valet service at the dive shop will bring it to the boat, set it up for you, carry it back, rinse it, dry it and store it for your next dive!

Are there grocery stores on the island?

There are modern supermarkets in French Harbour and Coxen Hole that resemble a Publix or Albertson’s in the US. Make sure you try one of their canned coconut waters!

What transportation options are there?

Taxis are readily available here and double as public transportation, but make sure that you establish the fare rate and what currency you will be paying in first. Both Lempiras and American dollars are accepted, but you will generally get a better rate when paying in Lempiras. There is a mini-bus system too, operating out of mini-vans. You must pay your fare in Lempiras. Mini buses stop operating around 6pm and taxi fares go up at this time. On cruise ship days, it will be virtually impossible to find a mini-bus, as most of them are busy at the dock doing island tours. If you feel confident in handling your own transportation, then car rentals are available at competitive prices. Be sure to wear your seat belt and not text or talk on the phone while driving, as it is law in Honduras. In addition, scooters and motorbikes are very popular with tourists on Roatan and there are a number of rental shops available on the island. We can assist you with your rentals… just let us know!
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