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Where are we?

Most taxi and van drivers will know where the Pristine Bay Resort is located, but in case they are not or you rented a vehicle, then follow these simple instructions. If you are traveling from either Port of Roatan or Mahogany Bay, simply head East on the main road, you will go through Los Fuertes pass by the Mega Plaza Mall where the new state of the art hospital is located, and then reach the French Harbour entrance where the PetroSun gas station is located. Go past the gas station by 300 yards / 100 meters and you will see the sign to Pristine Bay to your left. Turn left there and the road will take you to the checkpoint. Once the guards let you in (they’ll ask for your name and reason for visit, tell them you will be diving with Black Pearl Divers), simply follow the road and enjoy the amazing views (but keep an eye on the road!) until you reach the Beach Club sign and entrance to your left. Park, come inside and the resort staff will guide you to the dive shop!

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