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Nick & Angie's

A gently sloping wall with soft coral overhangs, small crevices with king crabs and lobsters peering out, and sea fans swaying.  Look for well-camouflaged scorpion fish, banded coral shrimp tucked inside sponges, and flamingo tongues.  Suitable for all skill levels.  Depth ranges from 35 feet to past recreational dive limits.Diving 128

Sting Ray Corral

 A shallow maze of coral heads and sand chutes – the perfect hiding spot for nurse sharks – lead to a gently sloping wall.   Stingrays and eagle rays both frequent this site, as well as nurse sharks, eels and schools of blue tangs and Bermuda chub, and flounders in the sand.   Suitable for all skill levels.  Depth ranges from 20 feet to past recreational dive limits.Diving 126

One Minute West

 Enter on a sand chute, and drop off to a steep wall that starts at a depth of 25 feet.   Beautiful overhang covered in sponges and a variety of hard corals.  The shallow canyons are home to curious barracudas.   Eels, groups of parrot fish and surgeon fish are common along the top of the reef.  Suitable for all levels of divers.  Depth ranges from 25 feet to 90 feet in the big sand flats.

The Ridge

 A  relatively undiscovered site off the north shore. Very pristine reef due to low dive traffic.   Offers a very diverse collection of marine life – possibility of seeing larger marine life, such as sharks, groupers, jacks, barracudas, and permit.  For intermediate level divers.  Take the wall west from the mooring and one must know where to follow the ridge out to a spectacular sea mound covered in barrel sponges and deep water gorgonians.   The sea mound starts at around 65 feet at the top with shear walls on the sides plunging past recreational dive limits. 

20th Hole

These site is known for its chimney like chutes in shallow water that lead down to depths ranging from 20 to 45 feet.  Coral gardens are filled with barrel sponges of all sizes and colorful hard and soft coral; sea whips decorate the bank around the mooring.  Up swells at the edge of the bank bring in schools of hunting fish such as jacks and barracuda – turtles are occasionally spotted here as well.  For intermediate level divers.  Depth ranges from 20’ to past recreational dive limits.


 As the name implies, this dive site consists of a series of trenches starting shallow, and bottoming out at about 60ft, continuing on to a gentle slope punctuated with soft coral stands.  Swim up and down the various canyons and through a hole in the wall.  Keep your eyes out for eagle rays and other pelagics cruising over the sand slope, or inspect the soft coral stands in search of that elusive seahorse.  This dive site is suitable for beginners.  Depths range from 15 feet to 60 ft.


As the name implies all the pinnacles makes this an extra special Roatan dive site.  Not only are the pinnacles special but the wall and small cavern makes this dive one to remember.  Depths of the pinnacles range from 30 feet at the top to 80 feet at the base.  Look for the large grouper and barracuda sitting at the tops of the pinnacles.  Cleaning stations with Peterson cleaning shrimp wait along the way to clean all that needs a clean-up.   Also one might find the spotted drum guarding one of the pinnacles.  This is an easy dive for all experience levels.  Depths are from 12 to 85 feet.

Shipwreck Reef

This site is Roatan diving at its finest, offering an abundance of corals and large sponges of all types.  It is such a beautiful site you can easily spend the entire dive around the boat and not run out of things to see.  Typically you will find a green moray or two.  Watch out for the nurse shark, turtles and eagle rays that might be swimming by.  Depths range from 35 feet at the mooring to 120 feet.  Beginners and the occasional divers as well as the most experienced can enjoy this site.

The Maze

This dive site starts out in 15 feet of water and you will drop into a 40-foot trench leading to a short swim through which leads you to the wall at 60 feet.  Following the wall to the east you will find a series of ledges and overhangs at depths ranging from 50 to 85 feet.   Following the maze upward to the top of the reef you will find schools of chub, wrasses and most notably black durgeons.  Makes for a nice safety stop all the way back to the boat.  This is site is very popular for beginners.

Key Hole

The main feature of this site is a canyon that runs from the inside to the outside of the reef. The visibility is always bad, hence the spookiness, and it’s strangely devoid of life. At its deepest point it is about 90ft deep and the coral nearly meets at the top, where it is only about 2 ft below the surface. If your buoyancy is good try swimming on your back for a while. It’s a great view as the sunlight filters through the gloom and you can make out the vertical walls rising 90ft on either side of you. The mooring is on the outside of the reef so we swim you in and out of the canyon and then you emerge on a beautiful wall with lots of big groupers, a huge barracuda who seems to be always there and plenty of little fish too. Recommended for intermediate to experienced divers.


Roatan’s biggest wreck lies at 110 ft in a big sand patch next to a beautiful reef wall. The bow of the wreck is sitting upright while the superstructure of the stern is sitting at a 30-degree angle which makes swimming through it quite interesting. The midsection has collapsed from the powerful surge of several cold fronts. Learn more about Roatan’s Wrecks.

Barrel Sponge

At this amazing wall you can find many different sponges and corals including huge barrel sponges and spectacular pillar corals. The drop-off is at 40 feet and drops to 180 feet. Very often there are turtles, and eagle rays passing by, as well as morays. During the dive it is common to find several cleaning stations, and the safety stop you might even find a nurse shark sleeping in the sand flat. Depth range: 5 – 40 meter (15 – 130 feet). Experience required: Beginner.

Crazy Canyons

This is a site with some great formations and lots of stuff to see. Near the mooring is a huge canyon, about 30ft deep. There is a very shallow wall that starts at about 15ft, and then a deeper wall at about 50ft with lots of fish at the top of both. From 50ft down the wall is vertical with some wonderful corals, barrel sponges, tube corals, gorgonians. In amongst the corals are crab, huge parrotfish, and eels.


This site is one that you can take a different route to explore each time.  The mooring sits in around 15ft of water with a reef shelf underneath. To the north of the mooring there is a sandy area at around 35 ft depth, this ideal for training, and also spotting the occasional southern sting ray, following the sand patch to the east look out for lobsters in the base of the reef, in the reef surrounding the sand porcupine fish are often seen. The sandy areas stretch down to around 90ft and nurse sharks have been spotted in this area as well. From there head west and explore the swim troughs. To return to the mooring head south and you’ll find a shallow gravel canyon area that leads to the wall follow this shallow wall at 26ft with the wall to the right, therefore heading east again to return to the boy. As the name suggest there are barracudas around this site. Experience required: Beginner.


Dive Boats

We have our own fleet of boats docked at Pristine Bay.  Our dive boats are custom made with plenty of space, ample dive platforms and big dive ladders to make your Roatan diving experience comfortable and enjoyable. Our individual boat capacities range from 8 to 30 divers plus at least two staff members.

Our dive expeditions include cold drinking water, fresh towels and sweets to take that awful seawater taste out of your mouth! In addition, all of our own boats have bath facilities on board, shaded areas and dry storage for belongings.

For fishing and charters we offer a Grady-White, a brand with a legendary reputation for designing and producing superbly engineered boats. We also have smaller boats for fly-fishing and larger boats for group trips to Cayos Cochinos, Utila or Guanaja.

Boat lengths are 30, 35 and 45ft. Twin Yamaha 250HP outboards on the 30 and 45ft, with a 315HP inboard on the 35ft.

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