Like our diving packages, we offer some excellent Roatan snorkeling experiences too. You are welcome to bring your own snorkel gear or we have plenty for you to rent at our dive center. All our gear is high quality and well maintained. Should you bring your own gear, our complimentary valet service at the dive shop will bring it to the boat, carry it back, rinse it, dry it and store it for your next snorkel!

On your snorkeling excursion you will board one of our spacious dive boats, complete with snorkel gear, towels, drinks, sweets and first-class service. Relax and enjoy breathtaking scenery on route to some of the world’s most spectacular snorkel sites around Roatan’s reef.

Shipwreck Discovery is one of them, offering the wreck of an old steamer sitting in 5 feet of water and shallow coral just inside the reef.  Its coral encrusted hull and the patch reef are home to a variety of fish and marine life, like parrots fish, butterfly fish, trumpets, trunk, string rays and eels.  Around the wreck you can usually find a barracuda and needle nose fish hanging out.  Depths of this snorkel range from 4 – 8 feet.

Please visit our Equipment Rental and Dive Sites pages for more information. Find out why snorkeling in Roatan is a world-class experience like no other!

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